Outsourced IT

Nova Technologies will work with your data so you do not have to. Thankfully certain cloud solutions and software make data integration issues a thing of the past, however, we recognize the majority of companies still deal with this on a daily basis. No problem. We have experts that specialize in helping you massage your data into a form you can use for your business to thrive.



Nova Technologies provides state-of-the-art IT support for all of your applications whether it is Office 365 or general computer errors. All of our support staff is located in California, and we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate effectively and in a timely manner. If you pick up a phone and call us, we will answer, and we will speak English ;). In addition, we understand how important it is for each one of your employees to do their jobs without having to worry about cumbersome technical issues. This is why provide regular updates via your preferred form of communication: email, call or text.

Nova Technologies loves small businesses! We do whatever we can to provide the same level of support for small businesses as we do for our large corporate clients. Therefore, we offer extremely affordable website hosting plans and support so you can focus on growing your small business. Not only will be your IT support staff, but we will also teach you a little thing or two about your websites if you want.

Software Development

Nova Technologies provides custom solutions for your corporate reporting needs. If you have data stored in any database (MS SQL, Oracle, etc.) and need access to it for business intelligence, we can help you out. It doesn't matter if that data is linked to an ERP or if your current technology support staff can't help you. As long as we have access to the raw data, we can build any report you need. Some common reporting frameworks are:

  • SSRS
  • Crystal Reports
  • Power BI
  • BIRT
  • Jaspersoft

Nova Technologies can build you automated, back-end processes to do anything. This could be anything from custom console applications to transfer data across servers, create triggers to take inbound sales leads and automatically upload to your current CRM, or even run automated scripts to merge documents and email to customers. The most common use case for these services is in automating current workflow processes. If you are doing it manually, we can probably automate it.

Nova Technologies can handle any mobile application project you have. It doesn't matter the scale or platform. Our current mobile app clients range from large corporate companies to new start-ups. Not only will we be able to build your mobile app, but we can work with you to design an app that will provide a seamless user experience for your customers utilizing our international network of designers.

Digital Marketing

Nova Technologies understands that public perception is one of the most important aspects of your brand. Our digital marketing division started because we saw our clients need for strong content marketing as a way to build brand loyalty and a positive public perception. We provide our clients with honest expectations and a process that places an emphasis on how your marketing translates to the actions your company actually takes.

Nova Technologies handles your social media too! What?! No?! Yes, we do. I know it is a shocker. While almost everyone claims to be a social media "expert" these days, we provide our clients with intelligent, business-minded social media strategist to utilize social media efforts as part of their larger marketing strategies. Some companies still prefer to hire any millennial straight out of college to handle their social media account, but this might be a waste of time. Just because someone is 23 and on Instagram every hour does not mean he/she knows how to generate business from Instagram. In fact, did you know, Instagram is not the best social media platform for most businesses? If you want to stay small and just getting by, hire a random millennial. If you want to grow your customer base and create the cult like following Apple has, call your experts at Nova Technologies.

Nova Technologies can bring your marketing expertise no matter what your challenge is. In our experience, your problem is not usually "marketing" per se, but you have a bad revenue model or you have no idea who you are and what your brand is. We can help you figure this out. From email signatures to which market you should attack next, the Nova Family has your back.